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Founded in 2021, Helix Hydrogen, inc. has been gaining momentum in its goal to deliver clean, sustainably produced, hydrogen to the market in order to facilitate the growth of the clean hydrogen economy and infrastructure. Centered around its patent - pending technology, which is designed to surpass the efficiency and safety benchmarks of currently available electrolyzers, while also incorporating earth-abundant materials. Helix Hydrogen, inc. aims to decrease market barriers to entry by decreasing associated costs and maintenance of its scalable electrolyzers.

About the Founder: Dan Warren has held an interest in and constructed electrolyzers since he was 15 years old. Dan graduated from James Madison University in 2013, with a degree in Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) and a concentration in Environmental Science. Dan has worked on a variety of projects, in myriad environments throughout his career, including stream restoration, ecological landscaping, farming, market gardening, novel hydroponics systems, and, you guessed it, hydrogen technology development. With interests in electrochemistry, entrepreneurship, and sustainability he saw the opportunity to develop a technology that had been rattling around in his noggin for years when 3d printing accessibility and redox mediation science progressed to the point where that technology was commercially viable. So in 2020 he filed a patent application, and in 2021 founded Helix Hydrogen, inc. to bring that technology to market.

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